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There are two sides to getting approval for your proposed alterations, Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval. The two are not to be confused they're totally different.


Planning Permission;

Has to be made to the Local Authority in which the proposal is located and deals with the asethetics of the proposal and the impact it will have on it's surroundings. It ensures the right thing is built in the right place (normally).



Building Regulation Approval;

This is also a requirement if your proposal is deemed "building work" under the Building Act 1984 as ammended. You can either apply for approval to the Local Authority in which the proposal is located or you can use an Approved Inspector (AI) based anywhere in the country. FRANCarchitectural_solutions uses a Kent based AI called Studious Approved Inspectors see below for the reasons why.


Depending on what you're doing you may not need either or you may need one and not the other, that's where we come in ti make sure whatever is done is totally lawful.


FRANC_architectural solutions & Studious Approved Inspectors

We have teamed up with Studious Approved Inspectors to provide all our Building Regulation approval applications. Why? Because they're friendly, easy to work with and very commercially focused providing us with fast turn around times and great advice at competitive prices. Click here to visit their website.

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